Onion Mixer

1. Token distribution

OMT is Onion Mixer’s governance token.
It serves the following purposes:
  • reward users
  • improve functions in the protocol
  • deployed on new public chains
  • adjust protocol fees
  • community governance
There are 100 billion OMT issued in total. The distribution plan is as follows:

2. Anonymous transaction mining

Onion Mixer’s anonymous transaction mining mechanism is similar to the one in traditional exchanges. That is, every transaction made by a user on Onion Mixer will be rewarded by percentage of OMT tokens.
After each coin mixing service, Onion Mixer will charge a fee of 0.1% to 1% per transaction depending on the chain. 50% of this fee will go to the team, and the remaining 50% will be injected into the OMT transaction pool.
Anonymous transaction mining will encourage users to use Onion Mixer protocol more often for coin mixing. For a mixing protocol, high-frequency transactions mean higher anonymity; the fees charged from high-frequency transactions will be reinjected into the mixing pool, which contributes to improving the depth of the mixing pool and enhancing the anonymity effect.
In addition, unlike traditional transaction mining, Onion Mixer’s “anonymous transaction mining” incorporates an exit penalty mechanism to effectively curb the speculative behavior of short term traders and further guarantee the safety of transaction mining. This penalty mechanism also contributes to maintaining a stable market performance of OMT, guiding users to rational and sustainable investment, and guaranteeing the continuous and steady revenue growth of investment.

3. Liquidity mining

In the Onion Mixer protocol, any user can earn rewards by adding liquidity to OMT transaction pool. Liquidity mining creates a really powerful incentive for Onion Mixer’s early users who are encouraged to actively add liquidity and participate in the protocol. In this way a “flywheel effect” forms.
Onion Mixer’s liquidity mining is similar to other DeFi projects’: in Onion Mixer’s Tokenomics, 10 billion (10%) OMT will be used to reward liquidity providers. When the Onion Mixer protocol is launched, OMT tokens will be unlocked from the “liquidity mining” reserve on a daily basis by blocks as a liquidity incentive to reward liquidity providers in PancakeSwap and other DEXs.
Users who provide liquidity to the OMT transaction pool will receive a corresponding share of tokens, i.e., LP Token which can be staked on the liquidity rewards page. Users then will receive a corresponding share liquidity rewards (staked LP Token / total staked LP Token). The staked LP Token can be retrieved at any time.
OMT tokens for liquidity bonus will be released per block and will go directly to the OMT staking pool. Users can enjoy the dividends from the staking pool immediately. There is no lock-up requirement. OMT can be withdrawn at any time, but the withdrawal will trigger a “penalty mechanism”, i.e. users will be charged 10% of OMT when withdrawing from the staking pool, of which 4% will be used to reward other “loyal users” holding OMT in the staking pool.

4. Holding mining

In order to enhance the value consensus of OMT tokens, Onion Mixer has set up the OMT pstaking pool, which functions as a “revenue aggregator” on the Onion Mixer protocol. Users can continuously receive dividends from the staking pool as long as they deposit their OMT tokens into the pool, i.e. “holding mining”.
The funding source in the OMT staking pool consists of two parts:
(1) Mining rewards: anonymous transaction mining and liquidity mining.
(2) External investment: users participating in crowdfunding or purchase OMT third-party DEXs.
The staking pool’s revenue comes from the “exit penalty mechanism”, which regulates that users are charged a 10% fee for each OMT withdrawn from the staking pool. The penalty fee charged will be used in the following three ways:
(1) benefits for token holders
(2) adding liquidity
(3) burning for deflation
40% of the fees will be used to reward loyal token holders. In this sense, holding OMT in the staking pool is a form of mining. The larger the share of OMT held and the longer users hold it, the more dividends. By combining the holding rewards incentive and exit penalties mechanism, Onion Mixer can motivate to hold OMT for long term, which enhances the value consensus of OMT.
The rest 20% tokens will be burned in the Eater Address. The burning mechanism contributes to token deflation and in essence motivates all OMT holders who are guaranteed that OMT value remains. This is conducive to building a more loyal OMT community ecology and is significant to achieve ​community governance and long-term project development.