Onion Mixer
How to Participate in Community Governance ?
Onion Mixer is a community-driven project. Every OMT holder plays an important role in the development of the project and any user who has deposited more than 1 OMT in the Vault can participate in the Onion Mixer community governance.
How to vote to participate in community governance?
1. Visit the community governance page of Onion Mixer: https://gov.onionmixer.com/#/​
2. Click "Connect Wallet" in the upper right corner and select "MetaMask".
3. After the connection, select the proposal in progress and click to see more details.
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4. In the voting section to make your choice ("Approve" or "Disapprove")
5. Click on "Vote"
6. After confirming the voting information, click "Vote"
Note: The vOMT here is your right to vote, representing the OMT you deposited in the Vault when the proposal was snapshot. For example, the block height of the proposal snapshot is 9,011,549 (17:41:07 UTC, July 9 2021). Only the OMT that were deposited in the Vault before the snapshot was taken is considered a valid vote.
7. Confirm your vote and sign in the wallet
8. Successfully voted
9. You can view the latest poll results here
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