Onion Mixer

Is it safe to invest in Onion Mixer?

Please do your own research and decide by yourself.

Is Onion Mixer audited?

Certik has completed a security audit of Onion Mixer, indicating that the implementation of Onion Mixer is secure, efficient and reliable.

What are the obvious advantages of Onion Mixer?

By combining coin mixing incentive and PIG model, Onion Mixer not only can provide a better coin mixing experience but also endeavors to enhance the value of its platform token OMT to benefit users more.
(3) Customized incentives scheme to attract more users
(2) More types of crypto assets supported
(1) Higher anonymity efficiency
The mixing pool is characterized with three distinctive advantages.
Onion Mixer has the advantages of supporting more assets at lower cost and with higher efficiency and stronger security.

What is OMT?

OMT is Onion Mixer’s governance token.
Onion Mixer has built a sustainable tokenomics based on its own native token OMT.
Tokenomics allows anonymous traders, liquidity providers and token holders to continuously gain from the Onion Mixer, which makes Onion Mixer a DeFi protocol with positive circular value.

How to get OMT?

The funding source in the OMT staking pool consists of two parts:
(1) Mining rewards: anonymous transaction mining and liquidity mining. Community Events
(2) External investment: users participating in crowdfunding or purchase OMT third-party DEXs.

What is the destruction of OMT?

The bonus of the staking pool comes from the “penalty mechanism” triggered when users withdraw OMT from the pool, i.e. 10% of the withdrawal amount will be deducted as a penalty when users withdraw tokens, of which 4% will be rewarded to other “loyal users” who continue to hold in the pool, 4% will be injected into the OMT trading pool to achieve increase liquidity, and 2% will be directly burned, forming a deflation economic model of OMT.
The penalty fee charged will be used in the following three ways:
(1) benefits for token holders
(2) adding liquidity
(3) burning for deflation

What is DAO decentralized governance model?

Holders of OMT — Onion Mixer’s governance token, will form DAO to govern the Onion Mixer ecology.
All OMT holders can propose a motion and initiate a community vote for the following aspects:
(1) The deployment of Onion Mixer cross-chain ecology
(2) The opening of a new Onion Mixer mixing pool
(3) Adjustment of Onion Mixer transaction fee rates
(4) The reward distribution mechanism of
(5) The setting of OMT liquidity mining parameters, etc
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