Onion Mixer
Mix Function

Deposit your tokens into the mixing pool

  • Visit Onion Mixer application site: https://app.onionmixer.com/#/
  • Click “Connect Wallet” on the upper right corner to connect your wallet
  • On the “Token” column, choose the token type you plan to mix
  • Enter the number of tokens you plan to mix in the “Denomination” column
  • Afterward, click “DEPOSIT”
  • On the pop-up page, click “Copy” to copy all NOTE information. You can save in a place where you deem safe. Save it well for later use.
  • Read the text carefully and tick the box. Click “Confirm Deposit”.
  • The protocol will download the NOTE information as a TXT file. Please save the file well for later use.

Withdraw asset to a new address

  • Input the NOTE information on “Note” section
Afterward, you can view the detailed information of your asset by clicking “NOT STATS”
Generally speaking, the longer time you deposit the asset the better the anonymous effect. However, if your participation is to earn transaction mining rewards, then you can ignore this.
  • Enter your new address in the “Recipient” section to receive new assets. After inputting the address, click “WITHDRAW”.
  • By now, you have successfully withdrawn the new asset to your new address