Onion Mixer
Vault Function


  • Click “Vault” on the navigation bar to start staking your dividends.
  • On the new page, you can see the TVL, total reflection, total burnt, total LP contribution, the OMT you invested as well as your investment share in the pool.
Enter the number of OMT you plan to invest in the vault and then click “ENTER”.
  • It is free to deposit OMT in the VAULT but 10% transaction fee will be charged for asset withdrawal, of which 2% directly burned, 4% to other VAULT users and 4% to OMT liquidity pool.
  • The earlier users deposit assets in the VAULT, the more token rewards received. Onion Mixer approximately produces over 40 OMT tokens and 800,000 OMT will be allocated to VAULT users as per the share of their asset in the VAULT.
  • For users who do not hold OMT, you can click “Buy OMT” which will direct you to DODO exchange where you can can OMT and then return to VAULT.
  • If you want to withdraw from the Vault, you can enter the number of OMT to be withdrawn, and then click “LEAVE”.